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Google conferred on Tuesday its new smartphones. Photos already show currently the packaging of the 2 devices - and that they ensure one among the last outstanding problems to future generation Nexus.

It is currently thought of bound that Google on Tuesday can gift its new Nexus smartphones. formally confirmed that's not natural, however with every new info that passes through the 2 devices into the network, the knowledge grows: it's the primary time offer to examine 2 Nexus smartphones, is one among LG and one among Huawei. currently another vital detail is understood that antecedently existed solely as unconfirmed  rumor: The larger model name is Nexus 6P, the smaller model name is Nexus 5X.

Surprises there therefore hardly if Google on September 29, his event in port of entry keeps - conjointly the presentation of automaton six arshmallow can bring very little new. Most voltage presently fueled  the suspected Chromecast successor. Sure, the precise specification of Google phones don't seem to be nonetheless acknowledged, however the Nexus series isn't distinguished by technical pioneering spirit or notably uncommon options. consultants expect sensible hardware at the extent of current smartphone flagships